Philippe Faur's ice creams with caviar, foie gras and other sweets...

Philippe Faur is a Master Craftsman from Ariège. He is at the head of an eponymous SARL, created in 1998, the manufacturing workshop, based in Caumont, near Saint-Girons.
Since its creation, he has designed more than 120 fragrances, divided into 3 ranges: ice cream and sweet sorbets are the basis, about a hundred to date.
In 2002, he created the savoury range, which today counts about twenty flavours.
In 2010, 92% fruit sorbets were launched.
 The only requirement of the Ariège ice cream maker: "Above all, we want to preserve our soul, our quality, our human values, by eliminating the dictates of volume, magnification and productivity. »
Since 1998, he has won numerous awards:
- July. 2012: Gault & Millau. Philippe Faur makes the cover of the magazine and receives the title of Best Glacier in France.
- September 2012: Title of "Académie de la Gourmandise" awarded at the Toulouse Stadium by the Académie de la Gourmandise.
- May 2011: 1st Pyrenees Entrepreneurs Trophy awarded by the CCI Pyrenees.
- January 2011: SIRAH - European Glacier Championship - 3rd place

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Two recipes by Philippe Faur

Chasselas grape sorbet

The grape sorbet is made from the juice of the Chasselas grape from Moissac. It is pressed with the pips and the skin in order to preserve all the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the fruit, picked when ripe.

Philippe Faur has chosen the apple and the grape from the reasoned production of Jean-Emmanuel Rigal in Moissac (82). This chasselas specialist does not use any chemical treatment.
 For his 92% fruit sorbets, Philippe Faur adds a very small quantity of sucrose, then heats the whole at a very low temperature.

By considerably lowering the sugar content of these new sorbets (-35%), he thus favours the taste and nutritional value of the fruit.

Smoked salmon sorbet
Philippe Faur creates a new perfume with the house of Petrossian, in Paris. The raw material, carefully selected, is then smoked in the purest tradition, in the smoking room of the house Petrossian in Angers. The authentic texture and taste of the smoked salmon are perfectly retranscribed in the sorbet (composed of 60% smoked salmon). It will therefore be very easy to marry it.

It will be the perfect accompaniment to blinis as an aperitif, fish (trout), oysters or an avocado-grapefruit salad.



Glacerie Artisanale Philippe Faur

Atelier de fabrication


09160 Caumont

Tél : 05 61 66 87 35



Paris, Saint-Girons, Toulouse, Albi, Aix-en-Provence



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Innovant, généreux, gourmand, Philippe Four, maître artisan glacier ariégeois, nous donne l'occasion de suivre l'itinéraire étonnant d'un artiste et d'un chef d'entreprise. Créateur de plus de cent vingt parfums dans son atelier de Caumont, proche de Saint-Girons, il appuie sa pratique sur une histoire familiale et une tradition artisanale fortes, sublimées par des innovations constantes. Audacieux, il met en scène son savoir-faire, et crée notamment sa spécialité glacée au Foie gras et une nouvelle gamme de sorbets à 92 % de fruits. Le sens de son métier, Philippe Four le puise dans son amour des produits. Les glaces Four se démarquent avant tout par leur authenticité et leur saveur naturelle. Livrant ses idées de recettes et ses anecdotes personnelles, ce livre illustre la beauté et l'actualité de cet artisanat entre les mains d'un grand interprète.

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