Boule-d'Amont, a rich heritage, isolated, in the heart of the Aspres region.

Situated in the heart of the Aspres, the village of Boule d'Amont, in one of the most depopulated areas of the Pyrénées-Orientales, is home to the famous Serrabone priory. It also houses a real treasure, a golden "antependium" representing Christ in majesty and the four evangelists. This piece of woodwork is veneered on the altar of the choir of the parish church, Saint-Saturnin, which conceals great treasures such as a black Virgin, chalices, silver crosses?

The church itself is quite classical but still has beautiful blind arches on its chevet.

Of 11th century Romanesque origin, with a single nave and semicircular apse, this church nowadays contains an interesting pulpit from the 18th century, a door and its hinges from the 13th and 14th centuries, as well as several altarpieces: De la Sanch (1710), de Saint-Joseph (1744), de la Vierge (1761), de Saint Antoine (18th), the high altar (18th), de la Vierge (17th and 18th), and du Christ (18th). Saint-Saturnin also houses a statue of the Holy Patron (18th century), as well as some silverware from the same period, reliquary, monstrance, pyxis, quest dish...

On the heights, you must see the public fountain, the "Font Vella", an old fountain in Catalan.

Most of the houses are made of exposed stone giving a superb character to the village. Some facades have let ivy invade them and like some wooden shutters, the famous "Catalan style" shutters are colourful.

The territory of Boule d'Amont has an engraved stele dating from the Neolithic period as well as a collapsed dolmen, the dolmen of the Moorish cemetery. Also worth seeing are two chapels, both in ruins, Saint-Marc and Saint-André de Monistrol, as well as an old church, initially a simple chapel that became a parish church and then became a chapel again when the population that had federated there scattered, Saint-Jean d'Arsus.

The territory of Boule d'Amont also has many oratories at La Salvetat, Mas d'Alços, Mas de l'Aiguader - two oratories, one dedicated to the Virgin and the other to Saint Roch, not to mention those on the road to the priory of Serrabone, as well as two iron crosses, a small one at the top of the Ambrosi peak and another, much more elaborate, 700m before reaching Serrabone.


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