The Museum of Harmonium, unique in Europe

The Museum of Harmonium has found its place in the renovated church of Bars, from the 12th century to the beautiful frescoes of the 15th and 16th centuries.
It presents a collection of instruments unique in France, including the main makers of 19th century harmoniums and more than thirty instruments in very good condition.
Some even say that the collection is one of the most complete in Europe.

For the connoisseurs, one will quote harmoniums signed Alexandre, Debain, Mustel...
The Museum offers visitors the opportunity to play certain instruments.


Open in July and August and during school holidays or by appointment.
Free visit

The Harmonium Museum
24210 Bars
Tel: 05 53 05 50 16


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L' Harmonium Francais

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Harmonium, Deluxe, Coupler

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