Les Demoiselles de Caraybat, natural curiosities with mysterious origins...

If you're a geologist, you'll agree that the rocky spires rising from the Chemin des Dolomies in the Lesponne valley between Foix and Roquefixade, in the hamlet of Caraybat, are quite simply the result of the erosion of a... geological formation, the dolomites.
Dolomites are generally between five and one hundred meters high.
However, another explanation has emerged... one based on legend.
According to legend, the women of the village took advantage of the men's departure to harvest in Spain one day to indulge in guilty "debauchery" with passing peddlers.
When their husbands returned, they panicked and fled to the nearby mountains.
But God decided to punish them and turned them to stone...
The Demoiselles de Caraybat then froze in their tracks!
Be that as it may, the site offers magnificent views of the Lesponne valley and Roquefixade castle.

A hiking trail starts in the center of Caraybat. This itinerary takes in the Roc de l'Homme Mort, the Pas du Falcou and the village of Soula. It also passes around the Pic de l'Aspre and the Pech.



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