The Legend of Fombillou

In North Aveyron, between Estaing and Entraygues, flows the Lot.
Dominating this gorge, deep in this place, is the superb rock of Fombillou.

A long time ago...when the famine was raging, in some villages we still had a little bit of everything, to eat, and this food attracted packs of wolves.
To get rid of these wolves, the inhabitants of the village found a trick... !

As bait, they tied a goat (kid) to the top of the rock of Fombillou.
The cries of the beast attracted the wolves, and when night came, the people of Fombillou with brooms and lit straw brandons made them fall into the precipice, destroying them completely.


Legend or History? Is it true?
Personally I don't know...
Anyway, for Midsummer's Day,
In this Nayrac every year,
When the dark night comes,
Men and women are all active;
Sometimes they will light the fire,
With flaming straw brandons ;
This fire of St. John that we see in the distance,
May be related to the past,
When wolves were hunted in force,
With solidarity, tips and torches.

Raymond Rouquette (My country of Viadene)


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