The mounaques of Aveyron

"Les Festaïres de Rulhe" is an association created in March 2019 and whose mission is to recreate scenes from the life of yesteryear, bearing witness to the past.

After the mounaques of Campan, in the High Pyrenees, here are the mounaques of Aveyron.

Mannequins of human size that are scratched and dressed. It is with great pleasure that a small number of residents of the Foyer de Vie d'Auzits rubbed shoulders with the exercise of creating characters.

Gérard painted clogs, Nadine, Francette and Joëlle made faces, and Aimé and Sabine helped to make the clothes they were asked to make.

And the magic works, the emotion is there, we let ourselves be carried away in this journey through time, the memories come back, where we find "the eyes of our grandmothers, the voice of our grandfathers".

It is impossible not to notice the teacher with his pupils in front of the old school of Auzits, the grocer and the butcher proud to pose at the place of their former business.

"A mosaic of characters who have taken place all over the village" explains Alain Berthomieu of the association "Les festaïres de Rulhe".

The thirty or so characters created were born in the garage of Françoise Jollier, one of the association's volunteers.

In one century, the commune of Auzits has seen its mines and many shops close down.

Thanks to Armand, Marie, Marius, it is the memory of a village which is reborn.

The association animates the villages throughout the year.

The Festaïres illuminate the village of Rulhe for Christmas with the installation of Christmas trees in front of the houses decorated with garlands, baubles, and light garlands.


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