When the Devil digs the hole of Bozouls

The villagers of Saint-Felix de Lunel, needed lime because their land was very poor, but this one was in Bozouls, located 20 kilometers away.
Too far.
So they decided to contact the devil, Lucifer, to bring them the lime.

The devil agreed, but he told them that he could only work at night.
At the same time the devil, wanting to take revenge on the Lord and the Blessed Virgin, decided to bring down the church of Bozouls.

He set to work and began to dig.
The Blessed Virgin, who was passing by, asked him what he was doing.
The devil answered that he was digging and that by the time the rooster from the neighboring farm crowed, the church of Bozouls would be down.

He went back to work, dug and carried the lime to the village of Lunel.
He came and went again.
But he was digging and getting closer to the church.
The day was still not rising.

So the Blessed Virgin, not wanting to see her church fall, went discreetly behind the devil and went to the henhouse of a nearby farm where she made the rooster crow.
The devil, who was passing above Saint Julien, at the entrance to Fijaguet, heard the rooster crowing and thought that the day was about to dawn, he melted into dust.
And at that moment he dropped a handful of lime, so today in the place of Fijaguet, on the redwood, some fields have a bit of this causse" (from the book "Al Canto").
A second version claims that the Devil, not knowing what to do with the material taken from the Trou de Bozouls, made an enormous "molehill" which became the Puy du Joux, located not far from the site.
It is difficult to believe in this second version because the limestone taken from the hole could not be transformed into basalt on the Puech de Joux (716 m) which is in fact the vestige of an ancient volcano.



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