L'Auberge du Tranchoir or the Middle Ages in your plate

Located in the medieval district of the tanners, in the historical heart of Toulouse, the Auberge du Tranchoir invites you to feast by discovering medieval flavors, doe pavement, stew, pork terrine, soup, olivade, candied suckling pig and the famous "févoulet", cassoulet with beans and duck confit.
Ah, by the way why the slicer?

The Auberge du Tranchoir offers a medieval cuisine based on fresh produce, with the mention "Maître Restaurateur".

Everything is homemade, including the cold cuts and the bread, the sliced bread used as a plate in the Middle Ages was called slicer, hence the name of the restaurant.

This slicer is still used in this restaurant for certain dishes.

The lunch and evening menus change with the seasons, as well as the group formula.

At least once a month, the hostel proposes a theme evening animated by a storyteller and/or musicians.


L'auberge du Tranchoir
Medieval Inn
1bis, rue du May,
31000 Toulouse
Phone : 05 61 21 66 57




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