De Funès and Bourvil in Carcassonne, "Le Corniaud " on the ramparts

Le Corniaud is a Franco-Italian-Spanish film directed by Gérard Oury, released on March 24th 1965.
"It's going to work much less well, of course! »
This is the cult phrase of the film the accident between Louis de Funes and Bourvil's cars.
The journey in Italy from Paris to Rome, Naples, Pisa, the French Riviera and the City of Carcassonne.
Far from low-budget comedies, the film, shot entirely outdoors, benefits from quite exceptional conditions for a French comedy film of this period.
Shooting will last fifteen weeks.


Synopsis and anecdotes

Bourvil plays the Corniaud, the moving naive who innocently makes an extraordinary journey and plays the pretty heart, while De Funès embodies the bad faith that is often his in the cinema.
Bourvil's fee for this film is three times higher than that of De Funès.
The Cadillac driven by Bourvil is a 1964 DeVille model.
N° 1 at the box office in 1965: 11.74 million admissions.
At the 1965 Cannes Film Festival, Gérard Oury and his producer are offered by Americans to direct and produce a remake with Dean Martin and Jack Lemmon.
Despite a large financial offer, it was not followed up.


The casting

Bourvil : Antoine Maréchal
Louis de Funès : Léopold Saroyan
Henri Génès : Martial
Jack Ary: the commissioner at the customs house
Robert Duranton: the athlete in the shower
Pierre Roussel : Mario Costa, the maitre d'hôtel
Guy Grosso: a customs officer
Michel Modo: a customs officer
Henri Virlogeux: a mobster, Saroyan's associate


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