Les Grands Buffets de Narbonne sacred for the world's largest cheese platter

At the 2020 Agriculture Show, at the Cheese and Dairy Show, the Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume, announced that France entered the Guinness World Records with the cheese platter from the Grands Buffets in Narbonne dedicated to "the largest cheese platter in a restaurant in the world". 

This platter, consisting of 111 cheeses designed by Louis Privat, Founding President of the Grands Buffets, and with the help of Xavier Thuret, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fromager, is offered to the restaurant's customers, at their discretion, in a single menu at 37.90 euros.
It took four years to develop. It houses a collection of 111 cheeses. A 30 linear metre stage is supplied and presented daily by a dedicated team of 4 people. Several themed selections are offered, allowing everyone to discover or rediscover the great classics or unusual cheeses from here or elsewhere...

The cheese platter...
A little trip to the land of cheese:
Abundance - Amatxi - Appenzeller - Beaufort - Bleu D'auvergne - Bleu Des Basques - Bleu Des Causses Bouchon - Boulette D'avesnes - Brebiou Des Pyrénées - Brie aux truffes- Brie de Meaux Brie De Melun - Brillat Savarin - Brique La Bergçre - Bûche Du Pilat - Cabrales 60 Days of refining - Cabrera - Cabrissac - Camembert Moulin De Carel - Cancoillotte - Cantal entre Bio - Cantal Jeune - Cantal Vieux - Cayrol - Cervelle De Canut - Chaource - Chèvre frais poivre - Cœur de Neufchatel - Comté 10 to 18 months - Comté 18 to 24 months - Comté 30 months- Coulomiers - Crottin Chavignol - Crottin De Chavignol Bleu - Crottin De Chèvre Frais - Cure Nantais- Emmental De Savoie - Epoisses - Feta - Fourme D'ambert - Fourme De Montbrison - Gorgonzola - Gouda 1000 Days - Gouda Cumin- Grand Basque Ondura Onetik- Grand Pont L'Evêque- Graviera Fume - Graviera Jeune- Gruyère Suisse- Ladotiri with olive oil - Laguiole- Langres Fermier- Le Goustal - Le Paille - Le Trou du Cru- Les Pâtes Pressées -Livarot - Manchego 12 Months Manchego 4 Months Margalet - Maroilles - Extra Old Mimolette -Mizotte - Moelleux Du Revard - Mont D'or - Montbriac - Morbier -Mozzarella - Munster - Ossau Iraty - Parmigiano Reggiano - Pavé à La Leffe Blonde- Pavé Corrézien - Pavé D'auge- Pecorino Primo Poivre- Pelardon des Cevennes- Perail de Brebis - Petit Bethmale - Pouligny - Reblochon Fermier - Régalis - Rocamadour Fermier Roccolino Nero - Roccolino Nero Divino - Rollot De Picardie - Rondin - Roquefort Abeille - Roquefort Baragnaudes- Roquefort Bio Roquebelle - Roquefort Maria Grimal - Saint Félicien Crémier - Saint Marcellin - Saint Nectaire - Salers - Salva Cremasco - Sein De Nounou - Selles Sur Cher - Serra De Estrella - Ste Maure De Touraine - Stilton - Tallegio Imperieur - Tête de Moine - Therondels - Tomme Aux Fleurs - Tomme Brebis Grande Réserve - Tomme Brebis Piment - Espelette - Tomme Catalane - Tomme Céronnée - Tomme De Lozère - Tomme De Montagne - Tomme De Rilhac Tunnel - Tomme De Savoie - Tomme du Berry au Pesto - Tomme Pur Chèvre - Tomme Brebis - Tommette Brebis - Tommette Pur Chèvre - Valencay - Vieux Lille

Special labels for the 111 cheeses with their characteristics in terms of flavour, composition, origin and strength have been designed by Les Grands Buffets to best accompany customers in their tasting experience.

Les Grands Buffets and cheese in a few figures...
- 111 cheeses on a 30-metre platter
- 4 full-time people dedicated to the cheese platter
- 500 kilos of cheese on the platter every day
- 35,000 kg of cheese ordered in 2019
- Annual budget: 400000€ of cheese ordered in 2019
- Consumption in 2019: 100g of cheese per customer
- 23 cheeses from Europe
- 11 regions of France represented

And don't forget the wine...
With its entire wine list offered at cellar prices, the Grands Buffets has a unique policy in a restaurant. The wines are all offered by the glass. With a profession of faith to promote regional heritage, all the references on the Grands Buffets' wine list are from Occitania.


The Great Buffets
Founded in 1989 by Louis Privat, Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne is today the largest restaurant in France by turnover.
Its ambition is to make the luxury of a Grande Maison accessible to all by offering, at discretion, in a single menu at 37.90 €, the repertoire of emblematic dishes of traditional French cuisine.
Its clientele of more than 350,000 people a year travels all over France and abroad after booking several weeks in advance to discover this Rabelaisian universe.
Contrary to the "air of time", the Grands Buffets have shown that the public remains attached to a timeless form of restaurant.


Les Grand Buffets

Rond Point de la Liberté,

11100 Narbonne

Tél. : 04 68 42 20 01






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