Micropolis, maxi-insects

Micropolis is a space dedicated to the entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre, located on the Lévézou, in Saint-Léons. It offers a unique adventure in Europe.
The decision to build was taken following the huge success of the film "Microcosmos".
The idea is to popularize the knowledge of insects by answering the questions that visitors ask themselves.
What is an insect?
How do they live in society?
What relationships are created between plants and insects, between humans and insects?
What do they see?
What do they smell?
Micropolis is also a scientific space with an experimental station on biodiversity, an exceptional discovery of the fascinating world of insects.
Micropolis consists of 15 exhibition rooms, 1 3D cinema, 1 exhibition "Insects in the garden", 1 restaurant and 1 store, all of which are housed in exceptional architecture.

70 living species are gathered there thanks to the butterfly greenhouse, the giant ant farm, the vivarium room and the pond.
Also to be discovered is the Carnival of Insects, a large outdoor trail marked out by 12 stations that are as surprising as they are amusing.
The little entomologist's booklet is distributed free of charge to children over 5 years old.

In 2012, a multimedia space was created.
An interactive touch wall allows you to explore, manipulate and share the fascinating world of ants and other small animals living in society. 

A wonderful world...

As you wander around, you will meet insects that dress up as twigs or others that work in teams.

You will enter the wonderful world of the tropical butterfly greenhouse, meet strange species, visit a giant ant farm and learn that 3 out of 4 animals are insects and that they play an indispensable role in the ecological balance.

During weekends and school vacations, Micropolis offers, upon reservation, animations, discovery workshops and guided tours for a privileged exploration of the world of insects.

In July and August it is possible to visit the house where Jean-Henri Fabre was born, located in the village of Saint-Léons.

In the footsteps of Jean-Henri Fabre, take the path "le chemin de la biodiversité" and the "Carnival of insects". You will discover unusual places of life with an unobstructed view of the surrounding nature where colorful giant insects lead you into a musical universe, in their songs and their games...


Micropolis, the city of insects
Le Bourg

12780 Saint-Léons

Tel : 05 65 58 50 50





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