A really very unusual construction

La Construction Insolite, at the foot of the Monts de Lacaune, is an imaginary palace built without plans but not without techniques, made of stone vaults, sculpted columns, wrought iron balconies, mosaic floors, ceramic ornaments and sculptures, pebble figures and which metamorphoses over the years.

Real permanent construction site, uses solid, perennial and mastered materials: stone, cement, ironwork, concrete, mosaics, ceramics...

It is an astonishing artistic project in which each person can express himself according to his desire and leave his mark in a collective work, without any prior know-how or technique.

Thus stays, training courses and work sites are organized on the Insolite Construction, for teenagers and adults.

Les Nouveaux Troubadours is a cultural and popular education association created in 1987 in Saint-Sever-du-Moustier.

In this small village of the South Aveyron, it runs a cultural center that wants to make the territory and live together on this territory and make accessible and encourage artistic creation in rural areas while making it shine internationally.

In 2002, Art Brut infused the activities of vacation stays and voluntary workcamps organized by the association.

The idea was born to welcome groups, not to restore heritage but to create a collective work: a sculpture, a collective building, perennial, visitable, with children, teenagers and adults, without prior skills.

The books of the Facteur Cheval and Gaudì were tools to make the association dream.

The association proposes treasure hunts and an "escape game" around this construction which dominates the village. It makes it possible to visit one of the poles of the Art Brut in France with the museum of the Arts Buissonniers which contains paintings, sculptures and astonishing drawings of French and international artists.


The weekend of August 18-19 and 20 is a good time to discover the Construction Insolite and the museum of the Arts Buissonniers since Saint-Sever-du-Moustier is in festival with the dance of the Buffatière.

Around 10:30 pm, the inhabitants of the village and people from the commune, men, women and children will indeed put on a white nightgown, a cap and make up their faces in black and handle the bellows that gives its name to the buffatière (buffer is to blow in Occitan) .

They will then roll up to form a snail and circulate throughout the village. A tradition that goes back several decades...


The New Troubadours

House Coubez

12370 Saint-Sever-du-Moustier

Tel : 05 65 99 97 97








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