The Devil is in the Pont Valentré...

It is the most visited monument of the department.
The devil always makes recipe.
The Valentré bridge is fortified.
It was intended to repel a possible English invasion and even Henri IV did not dare to attack Cahors.
Let us return to the building which dates from the 14th century and whose construction will last 70 years.
This is where the legend of the devil intervenes.
The builder, desperate never to see the end of the work, agreed to make a pact with the Devil.
"The work will be completed on condition that you give me your soul!"
The chief of the building site accepts on condition that the Devil carries out all his orders.
Once the building site is finished, the builder asks the Devil to fetch water with a sieve.
Obviously the Devil cannot carry out the order and the person in charge of the work did not give his soul to the Devil.
To get his revenge, the Evil One then regularly removes a cornerstone at the top of one of the bridge towers.
But smarter than the Evil One, a small statue of the Devil was hung on the stone, regularly removed.
The stone is always in its place...


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Histoire et description du pont de Valentré à Cahors

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