The castle of Jean Lurçat

The castle of Saint-Laurent-les-Tours, called "Les Tours" dominates the town of Saint Céré.
For eight centuries, the castle belonged to the Turenne family who made it the second fortress of their viscounty.
Then the castle had several owners before the painter, ceramist and tapestry designer, Jean Lurçat acquired it.
In 1941, Jean Lurçat, although born in the Vosges, was from the Lot and actively participated in the underground struggle for freedom.
This was his first contact with the Towers, and he fell in love with a strange and austere place, conducive to reflection, which would become for the artist his wandering path, his field of creation and, as he himself would recognize, a superb instrument in keeping with his excessiveness. Will he not say at the beginning when he sees it "Name of God! I want to die if one day it is not with me ".

Jean Lurçat will nourish there the majority of his emblematic works, such as "the Song of the world" or "the Tapestry of the apocalypse".

Jean Lurçat lived in his castle until his death in 1966, dividing his time between Paris and the Lot.
The castle will become a place where his talent and imagination permeate every room, every beam, every stone.

This museum has been awarded the "Maison des Illustres" label.


Jean Lurçat workshop-museum


46400 Saint-Céré

Tel : 05 65 53 43 81


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Les Tours-Saint-Laurent de Jean Lurçat près Saint-Céré (Mémoire des lieux)

Il y a un demi-siècle le château de Saint-Céré des vicomtes de Turenne est devenu les Tours-Saint-Laurent de Jean Lurçat. Son histoire est désormais un diptyque dont le deuxième volet est l'oeuvre du maître rénovateur de la tapisserie française. Cette édition faisant suite à celle de 1970 comporte des compléments et un témoignage de Jacques Juillet.

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