Gorodka, work by Pierre Shasmoukine, a brilliant jack-of-all-trades

In turn painter, poet, sculptor, "trans-social" animator, sometimes farmer, sometimes "anarchist", perhaps both at the same time, Pierre Shasmoukine, since 1970 self-built, alone and without help, in the middle of the woods a space of creation, a village imagined from scratch near Sarlat.
In 1978, he founded the first NGO on what was not yet called sustainable development.
No need to look for Gorodka on a map, it does not exist, geographically speaking.
However, the 2-hectare estate on which it is located is very real: eight art galleries, light trails, more than 500 works to contemplate, workshops, artists in residence and atypical accommodation have taken place there.
Pierre Shasmoukine has done it all himself.
It will have taken him some forty years.
In 1984, he opened to the public the first gallery in rural areas, a prelude to a whole series of events, plastic follies, giant luminescent sculptures.
Once there, one can spend the night there and more if affinities.
Nestled in the greenery, a chalet with an extra bedroom in a small adjoining cottage can accommodate a total of 5 people in 90 m2 with a large kitchen and all the comforts.
To immerse yourself in the surrealist universe of an extraordinary artist.




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Construire en bois (Collection Anarchitecture)

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