A major brand at the Château du Bosc Toulouse-Lautrec

Built in the 12th century and successively remodeled in the 16th and 19th centuries by the painter's grandmother, who made it habitable, the château has been open to visitors since 1954.
In between stays at the family's numerous properties and a few months in Paris, the young Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec spent his childhood at Château du Bosc in Camjac.
Today, the château holds many of the artist's memorabilia: the sumptuous cradle, the gold and silver rattles, his childhood toys, various objects and documents.
A whole world apart from the Parisian image... and debauchery.
Photographs retrace the painter's destiny, that of a nabot of genius.


Guided tour
A guided tour of the château, following in Lautrec's footsteps, takes you to the library, the guards' room with its Renaissance fireplace (1521) and the Imbert coat of arms (a family who settled in Le Bosc in the 16th century), and the oratory nestled in one of the towers, the grand salon with its 18th-century Aubusson tapestries, the painter's bedroom and, finally, a small museum on the 2nd floor, rich in souvenirs and curiosities, housing some of his earliest drawings.

Here, you'll discover everything from the "toise" that measured all family members from 1850 onwards, and Lautrec's 1.52 meters! to the "bi", an old bicycle from the 1870s used by his mother, who took up the sport to accompany her son during his rehabilitation.

This guided tour will take you past a mark made by his parents to measure the evolution of Toulouse-Lautrec's height, with this inscription: "Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, July 1892.
It stands 1.52m above the ground.
The young man was 18 at the time.
In addition to its Toulouse-Lautrec memorabilia, the château is also a magnificent home to many treasures.

The château is listed as a Monument Historique.

In 2003, its ornamental garden was listed on the Inventaire Général du Patrimoine Culturel (General Inventory of Cultural Heritage), featuring two remarkable species of Aveyron plant, which you can discover on a stroll through the park.


Château du Bosc Toulouse-Lautrec
Le Bosc Château
12800 Camjac
Tel.: 05 65 69 20 83





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Le Château du Bosc. Enfance de Toulouse-Lautrec.

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