The Mad'Jacques, a crazy thing...

Do you know the Mad'Jacques ? No... it's a bit crazy.

As the organizers say, it's "Peking Express, but better and without the cameras".

To put it simply, teams from all over France try to reach a small village in the depths of France as quickly as possible... by hitchhiking! Yes, you read correctly, by hitchhiking...

Departures from all the cities of the country, dozens of missions to realize all along the road and 24 hours of village party at the arrival.


The craziest weekend of the year!

The Mad'Jacques is :

2500 participants in pairs, starting from 11 cities in France

400 km on average to reach a small village in the Creuse

24 hours of festival at the arrival concerts / adventure / terroir

4800 L of onion soup sold.

There is no itinerary but 1 point of departure, one of the official cities, 1 point of arrival, Chéniers in the Creuse).

And between the two points, it is total freedom, even the one not to go to the end...

At the finish, Chéniers, a small village of 537 inhabitants will offer a "stratospheric" Creuse party to celebrate your arrival. 24 hours of music, 24 hours of local produce, 24 hours of travel. 15 concerts, country market, DJ set, onion soup, talks and projections, craft beer and adventurers' workshops...


In 2022, the Mad'Jacques will take place on June 11-12.


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