The Bosmoreau Mine Museum

The Bosmoreau Mine Museum, installed in the premises of the former schools and the buildings annexed to the town hall, retraces the history of coal mining and the life of the miners from 1784 to 1958 through 7 exhibition rooms. The walk "les chemins de la mine", a real open-air museum, allows you to discover the old mining sites.

The access corridor allows visitors to immediately find themselves in the atmosphere of the mine. Everything is reminiscent of coal: the ground, the lamps, a wagon filled with coal pushed by a miner, a bag of balls suspended, samples of anthracite produced in this mine. Crossing the hanging room, facing the flag of the Bosmoreau Miners' Union and the statue of Saint Barbe, leads to a landing where the list of all the owners and concessionaires of the mine is registered. A magnificent vein of coal and a miner from 1890, at the entrance of room n°1, invite the visit.
A reception room, independent of the museum, welcomes visitors. It includes, in addition to the ticket office, a souvenir store and a bar. Drinks can be consumed inside this estaminet, or, weather permitting, in the shaded courtyard of the museum.
All visits are guided. The visit lasts on average 1h15.


The open-air museum
The Mine Museum, inaugurated on December 6, 2003, has been a great success since its inauguration. Since December 4, 2004, visitors can, after this visit, go to the site of the former mines by taking "Les chemins de la mine". These walking trails, marked out with explanatory panels, take you to the heart of the mining sites that marked out Bosmoreau's history from 1784 to 1958.

Two hiking trails allow you to discover this open-air museum:

- a 2 km long circuit with yellow arrows: it shows the activity of the mine from 1855 to 1958,

- a 5-kilometer circuit with red arrows: it gives an overall view of the history of the Bosmoreau mines and the various sites operated since 1784.
The return trip is in the direction of the Mining Museum. It should be noted that this walk, a true open-air museum, is freely accessible to visitors all year round. The plan of the visit is sold at the reception of the museum.


Musée de la Mine de Bosmoreau

The town
23400 Bosmoreau les Mines
Tel: 05 55 64 20 52


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