The Château de la Baume, Versailles in Gévaudan

Nicknamed the little Versailles of Gévaudan, the Château de la Baume is located in the heart of the Massif Central, at an altitude of nearly 1200 meters, in a wild and preserved setting.

Classified as a historical monument, this superb granite building, made up of two parts, one from the 17th century and the other from the 18th century, houses a richly decorated interior, in the Louis XIV style and of Italian inspiration, furniture, woodwork, paintings and tapestries...

It is also an opportunity to discover the history of one of the most important baronies of the Gévaudan!


"The little Versailles of Gévaudan

La Baume is a private castle that has kept a large part of its original decor. During the visit, you will discover a beautiful set where the austere style of the Gévaudan of the beginning of the XVIIth century is mixed with the more refined one of the XVIIIth century, influenced by artists coming from Italy and the work of the manufactures of Versailles.

The defensive appearance of its granite walls encloses an interior richly decorated with furniture, woodwork, tapestries and paintings, which justify its nickname of "the little Versailles of Gévaudan".


Napoleon's memorialist

The Las Cases family has maintained and animated the castle since 1858, thus actively participating in the promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of Lozere, which is close to their hearts.

Throughout the visit you will find various elements of decoration testifying to the heritage left by the various families who succeeded to the Baume.

For example, a room is dedicated to Napoleon's memorialist, Emmanuel de Las Cases, in which various souvenirs of his stay in St. Helena and his life with the Emperor have been collected.


A little history...

The first part of the castle was built in 1630 under difficult conditions. Antoine de Grolée launched its construction using the stones of an old medieval castle that he had destroyed a few years earlier during the Wars of Religion. He was in litigation with a large part of his family-in-law who continued to dispute the title of Count of Peyre, and he inherited a heavy financial debt.

1710 is the date when the second part of the castle was built. This construction is the work of César, son of Antoine, who becomes, in addition, lieutenant general of the king's armies for Languedoc. He went to Versailles and presented one of his nieces to Louis XIV who chose her as one of his favorites. She was the Duchess of Fontange. Caesar was an ambitious man who was feared and respected. He gave the castle a less defensive look while respecting its past, and tried to decorate the interior inspired by Italy and what he had seen at Versailles.

The castle belongs today and since 1850 to the family of Las Cases which ensures the maintenance, the conservation and the animation of it, and thus participates actively in the development of Lozere.


The visit...

After having skirted the northern frontage and its moats, you will join the southern frontage and its machicolations. The cut granite stones of the 17th and 18th centuries face a high park in the middle of an authentic nature.

You then enter the inner courtyard where you will feel sheltered behind the imposing walls of the castle and its mansard roofs.

Then, once inside, you will appreciate the paintings, the woodwork, the parquet floors and the furniture that make up the visit. You will notice a clear change of style between the first part of the castle, more sober, dating from the XVIIth century, and the second part, richly decorated with its rooms in a row.

Unusual : The beast of Gévaudan was hunted in the woods of La Baume by the wolf hunters of King Louis XV.

Private castle, inhabited all year round, the visits are guided and only concern a part of the castle.



Castle of the Baume

48100 Prinsuéjols


Tel : 04 66 32 51 59 - 06 87 53 22 99




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