André Debru, the artist of iron and recovery

It is in a quiet corner of the Aveyron, at the entrance of the village of Costes-Gozon, well away from the main roads that André Debru, blacksmith-sculptor, works.

Here is a Mickey, there a Charlie, there a giraffe or here a hippopotamus.

His works can be found here and there, omnipresent in the Quercy and Larzac regions and even beyond.

Barely 13 years old, with his school certificate in his pocket, André Debru began to repair trailers and other gates in his father's forge in the heart of the village.

An avid reader of comic books, "Tintin", "Asterix" or "Popeye", he also began to make small characters.

Over the years, it has become a passion. He designs life-size models from nuts, threaded rods, salvaged parts, rusted parts of all kinds, or forged by himself.

For a collection of curiosities, some of which are orders and which await their owners.

In the workshop sits a family anvil dating from 1872 and weighing 128 kilos.

André Debru also uses humor to varying degrees to get some messages across.

André Debru's workshop is located at Le Pradalas, on the D527, before the village of Costes-Gozon coming from Saint-Affrique or Saint-Rome-de-Tarn or at the exit coming from Truel.



Forges André Debru

Place called Le Pradalas,

12400 Costes-Gozon



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