Sillans-la-Cascade, Provencal "pépite"

Sillans-la-Cascade is located on the banks of the Bresque river, at the edge of the Verdon Natural Park, near the lake of Sainte-Croix, not far from Cotignac, Salernes and Entrecasteaux.

Occupied since prehistoric times, the territory of Sillans-la-Cascade first developed in the Gallo-Roman period and then experienced a new development in the Middle Ages, thanks in particular to the influence of the Saint-Victor Abbey in Marseille.

Known in particular for its 42-meter waterfall, Sillans-la-Cascade is a village perched in a particularly pleasant site.

On sunny days, you can stroll on the terraces of its restaurants and discover its artists' galleries.


To see in the village...

In the heart of the village, you can also visit the Castellane castle, rebuilt in the 18th century, of which only the ramparts date back to medieval times.

It was the Marquis Boniface Hippolithe de Castellane who completely rebuilt this magnificent building in the 18th century, which was then acquired by the commune and renovated. The construction site, completed in 2007, offers a superb visit and houses exhibitions from April to October as well as the administrative services of the town hall.

The Saint-Etienne church, which dates from the 17th century, has a very pretty porch and magnificent exposed stones.

A walk around the ramparts will transport you to the medieval past of the city. You will be able to contemplate beautiful towers and battlements dating from the 11th century.

Also worth seeing is the large square behind the castle which conceals a stone vat buried under the asphalt. This tank collected the water of the river thanks to a ram to feed the fountains with water.

Rue du porche, in the medieval heart of the village, you can see porch, tufa houses, pretty silk and jewelry store open from July to Sept...
A string of houses in the middle of the street carries the bell tower with its hours topped by a bell tower. The central building was the presbytery in ancient times and was the post office until 2007.

The Chemin des remparts, passing under the ramparts, runs along the river to end near the wash-house. A footbridge is installed there in the summer to link the village to the plagette, a place for picnics and swimming.


The Sillans waterfall

First of all, you can reach the starting point of the trail on foot or by car. You will find good directions on the spot. Then, from the parking lot, you follow a pleasant shady and very well secured path. It leads us to the belvedere arranged very close to the waterfall in 800 m of walk.

After 800m of walk to reach a belvedere fitted out very close to the waterfall, you can admire the spectacle of this perpetual gush of water.

You can access an outstanding swimming area and go down along the river by another path and access the beautiful banks and turquoise water. You can also find a second (small) hidden waterfall at this place ...


Tourism Information Point

Park of the Castle

83690 Sillans-la-Cascade

Tel: 04 94 86 15 35


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paysages de france sillans la cascade carnet de notes

Le secret de la cascade de Sillans

Dans un décor à couper le souffle, la Bresque, rivière varoise, impétueuse, traverse le village de Sillans en direction de la cascade haute de 42 mètres dans laquelle elle se jette avant de rejoindre la mer Méditerranée en compagnie de l’Argens. Laure, jeune journaliste recherche l’origine d’une légende racontée par Lou Paire, le conteur du village. Cette légende se rattacherait à cette mystérieuse rivière que chacun ici, craint et respecte. Un pacte hors du commun rapprochera l’Esprit de la Bresque et Laure. Mais quelle est la nature de ce pacte, quelles en sont les raisons ? Dans quelles conditions sera-t-il conclu ? Quelles en seront les conséquences ? Quand le merveilleux croise parfois la réalité…

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