Brovès, village wiped off the map...

In the early 70's, Brovès, a small village in the Var, was literally wiped off the map after the creation of the military camp of Canjuers.

One wonders why, since the site, which was then used as a training ground, was abandoned because it became too dangerous.

If the village was forbidden to the public, its former inhabitants, now dispersed in the department, are allowed to meet there once a year, on Whit Monday, in order to participate in the pilgrimage organized for the occasion in the chapel of this village which, little by little, is falling into ruin.


A bit of history...

Brovès, with a surface area of only 3,000 hectares, was thus included without any qualms in the 35,000 hectares planned for the construction of a military camp on the Canjuers plateau. After ten years of fruitless struggle, in June 1974, the last inhabitants were definitively expropriated from the village, which thus became the property of the State.

The inhabitants were then relocated to a hamlet called Brovès-en-Seillans, built further down the valley, on the territory of Seillans. Access to the village has since been forbidden to the public, as has the entire camp. The tiled roofs of the village have been replaced by red metal sheets.

But in May 2005, following the publication of a press article in Var Matin, entitled "Will Brovès be definitively wiped off the map?" an association was founded: "Les Anciens et Amis de Brovès". Created by five former "children of Brovès" who are now in their fifties, it has more than 150 members. The preservation of the village's heritage and the maintenance of the link between the elders and friends of Brovès represent its main objectives and are part of a real work of memory.

The last film of Gérard Oury, "Le Schpountz" was shot there in 1999. It is a remake of the film made in 1938 by Marcel Pagnol, with Fernandel in the main role.



Les Anciens et Amis de Brovès Mairie de Comps sur Artuby
1, place de la République
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