Gassin, one of the most beautiful villages in France

Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France on May 7, 1994, Gassin is the only village in this institution to be bathed by the Mediterranean, from Spain to Italy.

Gassin would have seen the birth of the troubadour Rollet de Garcin in the Middle Ages.
Who says troubadour thinks poetry, love...
Yet the names of the streets of Gassin, "Passage du Guet", "Porte des Sarrazins", "rue du Fort" or "passage des Templiers" are all symbols of a tumultuous historical past.
Gassin is also worth the detour for its dozen ancient gates built in serpentine or basalt, metamorphic and volcanic rocks.
Located in the center of the village, these doors date from the 15th and 18th centuries, the oldest dating from 1422.
Gassin is also and above all an architectural and historical heritage. The Church of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption dates from 1558. The Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation, located below the village, in the middle of the woods, is even older.
The buildings of the Town Hall, for their part, date from 1584.

After climbing the flowered alleys with pastel-colored walls, you can enjoy the exceptional panorama of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Maures massif from the Deï Barri square.


Gassin, a whole poem...

In her book " Gassin au Fil du Temps ", Colette Peirugues quotes a poem by René Oliva, " Le vieux guardia " :

"On its rocky peak that protects its Saint,
Blessed Lawrence suffered torture,
Dominating hillsides of vines and greenery,
Where the silver olive tree and the evergreen pine,
He makes a moving stream that goes to the sea.
Proud of its traditions, proud also of its site,
Who made him the keeper of the Sambracite Gulf,
Under a luminous sky swept by the Mistral wind,
Watching over the country from its high pedestal,
The old Guardia Sinus has become Gassin".

This poem reveals a part of the soul of the village...


In Gassin, you must also, if you don't take but see the Androuno, the narrowest street in the world . and be wary of witches...


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