The Sellier residence, " Musée du Coq " (Rooster Museum)

The Demeure Sellier, a superb house in Cogolin, was the residence of the local lords. From 1626 to the Revolution there were five of them, not to mention their descendants, the first of whom was Henri de Cuers who acquired part of the seigneury of Cogolin for the sum of 3,000 ecus, the other half belonging to the Order of Malta.
After many changes, the house was bought in the 1960s by the Sellier family who restored it and then donated it to the municipality.
Today, it houses an exhibition of roosters of all materials and origins, presented according to their geographical origin (Europe, America, Asia), their history (Louis-Philippe rooster; 2nd Republic), their manufacturing materials (crystal, bronze, terracotta) or their function, utilitarian rooster, the rooster and the Post Office...
In total, more than 300 pieces...
By the way, why is the rooster honored in Cogolin ?


Legend, legend...
This charming and typical commune of the Var owes its name to a legend that is both beautiful and dark... Let's judge !
Because he refused to renounce his Christian faith, the knight Torpes, steward of the emperor Nero, was beheaded.
While his head was kept in Pisa, his body was placed in a boat on the Arno with a dog and a rooster. The boat ran aground in a small port of the Gulf, that of Saint-Tropez.
It is then that the rooster flies away and lands in a field of flax... that of "when the rooster and the flax make Cogolin...


Sellier's residence
46, rue Nationale
83310 Cogolin
Tel : 04 94 54 63 28


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