The Musée archéologique du Trésor d'Eauze, a reference museum

The Archeological Museum of the Treasure of Eauze, part of the domain of Elusa, houses an exceptional treasure, discovered in 1985 in the area of the former railway station of the town.

This treasure consists of more than 28,000 coins, most of which were made of silver, and about fifty pieces of jewellery and precious objects, all weighing nearly 120 kilos.

Among the objects discovered are six gold necklaces decorated with precious stones and mother-of-pearl pearls, a gold monetary necklace, a gold phylactery, three gold bracelets, six rings and rings, five pairs of earrings, six intaglios, a cameo, seven silver spoons, three silver ingots, two knives with iron blades and carved ivory handles, four horn pins and a bronze key.

There are several clues suggesting that it was buried as early as 261 CE.

Although it is not rare to find treasures dating from this period, the Eauze treasure is nevertheless unique in that it is one of the few to have been fully preserved and studied in France.

The richness, quality and remarkable state of preservation of the jewels and coins make it the greatest treasure presented in its entirety in a museum setting in France.

In addition to the presentation of this exceptional treasure, the museum, labelled "Musée de France", houses permanent collections ranging from Prehistory to the Merovingian period.

Its collection of prehistoric objects is unique in the south-west and is a reference in the field.



Friends of the Musée d'Eauze

The "Friends of the Musée d'Eauze" association was founded in 1993 to support the actions of the town of Eauze, to bring back the Eauze Treasure then kept in the National Museum of Archaeology in Saint-Germain en Laye and to open the Archaeological Museum.

Its statutes: enrichment of the collections, participation in archaeological excavations, promotion of the archaeological centre ELUSA Capitale Antique open up a vast field for it.


Archaeological Museum of the Treasury

Republic Square,

32800 Eauze


Tel: 05 62 09 71 38


The "Friends of the Musée d'Eauze" association

City Hall,

Place de la République
BP20 32800 Eauze


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