Lectoure, its treasures, its pastel and its melons...

Located in Lomagne, 22 km east of Condom, 35 km south of Agen and 35 km north of Auch, Lectoure is a city of art and history,
but does not forget to celebrate with the great Pyrotechnic Festival which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013.
Lectoure, also located in the center of a rich agricultural region, is one of the French capitals of the melon which is celebrated in August.
The Belgian chemist Henri Lambert, who died in 2010, set up in 1995 in an old tannery on the banks of the Gers to revive the cultivation of woad and to produce, thanks to new methods, dyes and pigments. The "Bleu de Lectoure" thus acquired a great reputation.


The Eugène-Camoreyt Museum and... many other treasures
The town hall, originally the Bishops' Palace, houses the Eugène-Camoreyt Museum.
Located in the remarkable setting of the vaulted cellars of the Town Hall, this archaeological museum presents Gallo-Roman remains as well as a collection of taurobolic altars that is unique in Europe. On the ground floor, the room dedicated to the memory of Marshal Lannes recalls the life of this marshal of the Empire born in Lectoure, while two other rooms, the one dedicated to Admiral Boué de Lapeyrère and the 19th century Pharmacy complete the presentation.
This residence was given to the city in 1818 by his second wife, Louise Antoinette Scholastique de Guéhéneuc (1782-1856), Duchess of Montebello.
Sub-prefecture until 1927, the building finally hosts the city hall, the museum, the hall of the illustrious (19th century) and the court.
In 1972, within the framework of the plan of redevelopment of the museums of the Gers, the decision was taken to install the museum of Lectoure in the vaulted cellars and the kitchens of the town hall, transformed into a museum after removal of the rubble and detritus, fitting out, then transfer of the collections...
The museum was inaugurated on July 3, 1972 by Jacques Duhamel, then Minister of Culture.
Now part of the network of "Museums of France" in the Gers (national label), the current museum reflects the daily life of the inhabitants of the ancient city of Lactorates, through archaeological collections found on the site of the ancient city itself, or in the vicinity; they cover periods from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.
A city of art, Lectoure also offers other treasures to visitors, such as the Cathedral of Saint-Gervais, the former episcopal palace, the fountain of Diana, the former royal tannery, the hospital-former castle of the Counts of Armagnac, and the mansions of the Rue Nationale.


Museums of Lectoure
Town Hall

Place du Général de Gaulle

32700 Lectoure
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