The Medieval of the Castle of Merville or Living in the Middle Ages for a Weekend

On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October 2020, the first weekend of the All Saints' Day vacations, the Château de Merville and its famous Boxwood Labyrinth will welcome a medieval village and its inhabitants in period costume.

This medieval will be in its 7th edition.
Visitors will be able to discover the XIVth century thanks to reconstitutions and animations on the Middle Ages, with furniture, costume, camp, games of arms, kitchen...


The program...

During the visit the public will be able to learn about :

- how to work the fabric and sewing,

- the life of the man-at-arms with demonstrations of sword, spear, shield and armor fighting, archery and crossbow,

- the traditional dress of the Middle Ages,

- the period kitchen and utensils used for tableware,

- the discipline of the haubergier, the craftsman making chainmail, or that of the mint.

Visitors will also be able to wander freely around the camp and interact with the members of the Mesnie de Barbazan company who, in costume, bring back to life the medieval era.


Merville Castle

Built in the 18th century and open to the public, the Château de Merville and its 30-hectare park welcomes more than 40,000 visitors a year, from May to October. Its boxwood labyrinth is the largest in Europe. Part of the estate can also be privatized for the organization of all types of events.


During the Medieval period, visitors who wish to do so are encouraged to come in disguise, and in this case benefit from a reduced rate.


Merville Castle

2, place du Château

31130 Merville

Tel: 05 61 85 18 51


Entrance for the public :

Way of Grand Borde,

31,330 Merville.

Phone : 05 61 85 32 34




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