Located in La Garde-Guérin, the beautiful Romanesque church, dedicated to Saint-Michel, patron saint of the Knights Pariers, dates back to the beginning of the 13th century.

It was the chapel of the fortified village of La Garde, an independent construction, located not far from the tower.

Classified in 1929 as a Historical Monument, it is one of the most remarkable religious monuments of the region.


Remarkable outside

- The entrance portal of the church, composed of three semi-circular moldings, carved in solid stone, which surround a wrought iron tympanum reminiscent of the dedication of St. Michael.

- The gable wall, adorned with a bell-tower-wall or bell-tower comb with two arcades. One of the two bells dates from 1643, the other is undated.

- The buttresses on either side of the church support the barrel vault of the nave.

- The presbytery adjoining the chapel and dating from the 19th century.


To see inside

- The vault of the nave, made of ashlar, is a barrel vault.

- The choir, ornamented with harmonious arcades.

- Two stained-glass windows let the light penetrate and below the choir a vault is dug into the rock, a small crypt where the Consuls of the "Pariers" of the Guard would have been buried.

- The sculpted capitals offer a beautiful diversity and are all different, sometimes covered with foliage (acanthus leaves), flowers (lotus flowers) or animals (ram, birds), sometimes with enigmatic biblical characters. The tops of the column heads are often decorated with billets or checkerboards.

- On the triumphal arch, a statue of Saint Michael, in carved and gilded wood from the 15th century, represents the Saint victorious over the devil. On either side of the statue, two coats of arms represent, on the left, the local child, Pope Urban V and on the right, the child of the village, Cardinal Pierre Blau.

- Also to be seen is an original painting of the Crucifixion in the left chapel as well as a wooden baptismal font from the 16th century.


In this church of very modest dimensions, the abundance of its carved decoration is surprising.

Forty or so small columns support most of the capitals, which are numerous in number and style.


The association G.A.R.D.E.

Grouping for the Improvement, Renovation, Development and Environment of the village of La Garde-Guérin

The G.A.R.D.E. association has existed for more than 30 years and brings together all those who love this exceptional historical site and wish to participate in its development.

It creates or participates in events that animate the village, sets up, in partnership with other associations, a cultural program and wishes to participate in the enhancement of the territory and its economic development. It welcomes with the greatest pleasure those who wish to become members of the association.


G.A.R.D.E. Association
La Garde-Guérin
48800 Preventers

Phone: 06 74 97 22 32



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