Aubrac tea or "Calamintha grandiflora", the green gold of Aubrac.

Known since ancient times for its digestive, diuretic and sedative qualities, the "calament à grandes fleurs", more commonly known as "Aubrac tea", is very present on the basaltic highlands of Aubrac.

Thé d'Aubrac, supported by the association "La Grange au Thé" in Nasbinals in Lozère, analyses the chemical and olfactory properties of Aubrac tea and has the ambition to start a protection with the National Institute of Origin and Quality (INAO) with a view to obtaining a label.

The project is supported by the Occitania region.

For a long time, this plant has been consumed, once dried, as an infusion.

Its finely minty and spicy aromatic odour gives it a very specific taste, powerful but subtle, anchored yet light...

The inhabitants of Aubrac have always picked Aubrac tea in the summer, before drying it in bunches to drink it as an infusion during the winter.


Recognised curative virtues...

Our grandmothers relieved many ills thanks to him and passed on the recipes of their miracle remedies made from the plant... Society's evolution obliges and technical progress, science has come to reinforce the tradition by bringing the proof by recognized medicinal properties.

"Calamintha grandiflora" is a plant with stimulating virtues on a physical and psychic level with a general tonic action. The whole plant is stimulating, stomachic and carminative, softening difficult digestions. In addition, it reduces symptoms of nervousness such as headaches, palpitations and dizziness.

Its indisputable gustatory qualities have enabled the development of new products such as aperitif drinks, sweets, cakes or spreads, ice creams and other desserts flavoured with Aubrac tea.

As for the fragrant qualities and medicinal virtues, they have added an additional attraction to the picking of this plant which can have multiple uses in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and perfume industries.


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