The Old Farmhouse, back to 1900

At 6 km from Beaucaire, in the middle of vineyards, a 3 ha park and a huge building of the XVIIIth century, the Mas de Végère welcome you in the year 1900...

During your visit, you will be able to rediscover the forgotten gestures thanks to passionate craftsmen, animations of the beginning of the XXth century, animals of the farm...


A bit of history
It was on May 27, 1992 that the Vieux Mas opened its doors to the public thanks to two heritage enthusiasts, Michel and Jacques Guyot, owners of the Saint-Fargeau castle in the Yonne.

Florence and Xavier Garcia, 19 and 20 years old at the time, managed it and in 2003 became the owners and continued the restoration of the 3000m2 roof of the farmhouse which dates back to the 1770s.

In 1999, they put on their first show, "The Curse of the Black Knight".


The animations
The Vieux Mas offers a wide range of activities for all audiences.
- The grandfather's garden with its vegetable garden, its animals, the big agricultural equipment with the Vierzon tractor of 1950, the combine of 1935, and the Peugeot 403... The automatons musicians and the carousel.
- The street of the old trades with the stalls entirely reconstituted: the clog maker, the shoemaker, the carpenter, the grocery store, the hardware store, the saddler, the foundry, the forge, the store of the old toys......
- The farmer's house with the souillarde, the dairy, the dining room, the storeroom, the bedrooms, the linen room...
- The country school with the old desks, the inkwells, the grey coats, the dunce cap...
- The "encoule", unique in the region, is a bridge attached to the farmhouse, 110 m long, dating from 1885. You can walk underneath it to admire the equipment of our forefathers.


The animals
All the animals of the farm, from the smallest to the largest, are present in the stables, sheepfolds and barnyard and you can even get very close to them.
. the dwarf goat pen where children can come in and cuddle them.
. The merino goats and sheep, the Ouessant sheep, the Laughtan sheep with 4 horns,
. the Montbéliard and Tarentaise cows, the grey donkeys of Provence,
. Ornamental hens (sabelpoot porceleine, silk hens, brahma hen....) guinea fowls, geese and pheasants golden, silver...
. The ponies, the dwarf black pigs, the pigsty with its pink pigs,
. The stable with its Comtois and Percheron draft horses and saddle horses,
. The rabbits and guinea pigs,
. The dwarf goats' enclosure where children can enter to cuddle them,
. The nursery for the baby animals.


The shows

Two shows are currently presented.
First of all, "Grabador the sorcerer". An apothecary named "Grabador" who reigned as a sorcerer on the construction site of a castle and who ends up locked in a cage for life.

"Arthur and the Magic Sword" then.
Once upon a time in the Middle Ages, there was a blacksmith who made magic swords! But one day... one of them was stolen and the curse began.
A medieval show where action and emotion are mixed together...


Without forgetting the theme days throughout the year.




The Old Mas
Mas de Végère,
1352, chemin du mas de Vegere ,
30300 Beaucaire
Tel : 04 66 59 60 13 and 0626 02 31 17



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