Monaco's Japanese Garden

Located in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, the Japanese Garden was designed at the request of Prince Rainier III by landscape architect Yasuo Beppu, Grand Prix winner at the 1990 Osaka Flower Show. It took him over 17 months of preparation to complete the garden.

To finalize the project, the Shinto high priest of Fukuoka's Dazaifu temple blessed the garden when it was completed.

This 7,000 m2 garden is built on an asymmetrical, quasi-natural structure and on the basis of a Zen garden, respecting the strict rules of the Zen concept of thought. Composed of waterfalls, beaches and streams, it offers a soothing, magnificent landscape and beautifully reconciles water, plants and stone. Many elements, such as the gate, tea house and covered terrace, were assembled in Japan, then transported to Monaco and installed by Japanese workers.

As for the plants, they come from Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and France. They all come from nurseries and have been worked on for three years by Mr. Beppu. The Japanese Garden of Monaco includes species from the Mediterranean Basin, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Some fragile species, not really adapted to Monaco's climatic conditions, have been integrated in small quantities.
The pond covers an area of almost 1100 m². It is home to many large Koi carp.


Monaco Japanese Garden

Avenue Princesse-Grace



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