Sainte-Marguerite church and its extraordinary treasures

Sainte Marguerite Church was built thanks to the generosity of a man named Jacques Bonfils and the dedication of a priest of the same name. Consecrated on July 20, 1525, it has been completed, rebuilt, enlarged and embellished in several stages.
Recent discoveries of Gothic structures on the side facades demonstrate that the church was built within the walls of the former 13th-century château of the Counts of Anjou. The interior of the church was "baroqueized" at the end of the 17th century, with rococo decoration.
The church's decoration is absolutely exceptional. Not only did the high altar have an altarpiece, but the other altars were all originally decorated.

The church was listed as a Monument Historique in 1983.


The altarpieces
They are the richness and beauty of this church.

Altarpiece of Sainte Marguerite
This altarpiece, attributed to Louis Bréa, was painted around 1498. Originally comprising twenty panels with a predella, it was dismantled in 1775, its central section being integrated into a Baroque frame.
The altarpiece is dedicated to Saint Marguerite, depicted rising from the dragon that had devoured her.
Altarpiece of Saint Anthony of Padua
Painted by Jean Canavesio around 1492.
Altarpiece of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
Attributed to Louis Bréa, this altarpiece was painted around 1508. Only two panels remain.
Altarpiece of Saint Bernard de Menthon
Painted around 1490, this altarpiece is probably by the same workshop.
Altarpiece of Saint Claude
Classified as a historical monument, this altarpiece was unfortunately stolen from the Lucéram church in 1991. Attributed to François Bréa, it dates from the early 16th century.
Altarpiece of Saint-Jean-Baptiste
This altarpiece, painted by Jacques Durandi around 1450, is now on display at the Musée Chéret in Nice.

The church of Sainte-Marguerite is also home to a number of other treasures:
- an 18th-century Baroque Pietà in painted olive wood,
- a 13th-century Pietà in plaster and fabric,
- a reliquary statue of Saint Rosalie of Palermo, donated by Pierre Salerno Barralis, a Jesuit from Lucéram, in 1626.

Last but not least, the Treasure, divided into two display cases
- an early 16th-century silver statuette depicting Saint Margaret "rising" from the dragon,
- a 17th-century alabaster Madonna,
- three pairs of silver candlesticks and altar crosses,
- 17th-century solid silver candlesticks


Eglise Sainte-Marguerite

Place de l'Eglise,

06440 Lucéram


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