Coursegoules typical and authentic village

According to the consecrated expression, Coursegoules is "4000 hectares of life-size, all seasons", "3000 years of history, rich in its rural culture, strong in its traditions, autarkic in its way of life" and "1000 meters of altitude where the mineral, karstic, and vegetal elements balance each other".

The name Coursegoules is of Celtic origin and recalls the choice of the location, "cor seg" for pointed rock.

In 1636, Coursegoules became a royal town.


A rich heritage

Coursegoules invites you to stroll through its stepped alleys, to discover an architectural heritage whose oldest buildings date back to the 13th century, the other main buildings to the 17th century.

By the Roman road, passing by the Pater Noster or the Combe des Enfants, you will reach the listed site of the hamlet of Saint Barnabé, where you will see the "Champs des Idoles", a pile of stones of prehistoric origin. Then you will climb up to the Pic de Jérusalem on the Cheiron, leaving behind you the "restanques" on which, until 1860, wheat and roses were grown for the perfumeries of Grasse.

Strolling through its old medieval streets, you will discover
the village ramparts and the South Gate, the facade of the Freinet school, made by the pupils themselves, the wash house on the Place du Plat, the Pountis with its panoramic view of the fields, the Place du Cheiron, the East Gate of the ramparts, the 13th century mill, the chapel of the White Penitents, the 12th century church of Sainte Marie Magdeleine, enlarged in 1658...

Also worth seeing is the 4th and 12th century Saint-Michel Chapel, restored in 1984, and containing a funerary slab with Roman inscriptions,
the medieval Grain Mill built by the Templars in 1246 according to the Phoenician principle, the Bergeries of the 17th and 18th centuries and a real little marvel, the residence of Diane de Poitiers of the 18th century.

One could not visit Coursegoules without taking advantage of the Regional Natural Park of the Pre-Alps of Azur which groups together 45 communes as well as the remarkable Garden of the Brec valley.

Finally, in Coursegoules you should take advantage of the many small restaurants so typical ...


Town Hall of Coursegoules
1, Place de la mairie
06140 Bulbstroke
Tel: 04 93 59 11 60



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