Abatilles - He looks for oil and finds spring water

Arcachon is not only: the sky, the sun, the sea and the oysters..., it is also a spring.
It was discovered by chance in 1923 by the engineer Louis Le Marié, during a prospecting drilling to find oil, at a depth of 472 meters. He actually found water there, a hot sulfurous water at 25°C. This spring, named Sainte-Anne, is the deepest in France, and one of the rare waters in France to have a zero nitrate level.

Its exploitation dates back to 1925, when it was recognized by the medical profession for its thermal qualities.
A spa was then built and inaugurated on April 12, 1926 and operated until 1970.
Today, the Source des Abatilles belongs to a private company.
The water was marketed by the company Vittel which ensured its production between 1962 and 2008.
In July 2008, Nestlé Waters, the owner of Vittel, sold the Abatilles spring to Roger Padois from Arcachon and Olivier Bertrand, a businessman.
They founded the Société des eaux minérales d'Arcachon.
Since 2010, the Source des Abatilles is also marketed as carbonated mineral water.


La Source des Abatilles

157, boulevard de la Côte d'Argent,

33120 Arcachon



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Abatilles, Source sainte Anne, eau minerale naturelle " la bordelaise" finement petillante, le pack de 6 bouteille

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