Utopix, like a crazy dream

Utopix is a crazy dream, a whim, some would say, of Jo Pillet and his family, lost on the Causse de Sauveterre.
A house-sculpture, exhibition spaces, sculpture-games ... that does not generate bad moods.
Initially, Jo Pillet builds igloos out of cinder blocks, then, in front of the media's curiosity, he decides to make a tourist site which takes the name of Utopix.
The next step is the creation of a playground, marble course, miniature golf, maze, giant pinball machine..., sculptures and the creation of various small animals, crocotuiles, cocci bubbles as well as an 8-ton dinosaur in which children can play.
All built by the Pillet family, years and years of work and passion.

Open from April to October


La Sirvente
48210 Sainte-Enimie
Tel: 04 66 48 59 07



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