Lit-et-Mixe, the authentic Landes

Located not far from the beach of the Côte d'Argent, Lit-et-Mixe, commonly called "the Great Lady of Marensin", is a very pleasant seaside resort doubled by a charming and charming village.


A bit of history...

Lit, which means "coast", and Mixe, a village located 5 km to the south, merged to become a single village: Lit-et-Mixe.

This merger took place in 1825.

Lit-et-Mixe is also home to the Notre-Dame-de-Lit church and its 12th century square tower, its museum of popular traditions, "Les Vieilles Landes" or "Musée des Landes d'Antan" and its old pond classified as a Natura 2000 zone.

The Musée des Landes d'Antan will offer you an immersion in the culture and daily life of the inhabitants of Marensin in the 19th and 20th centuries. A real journey into the past through the ancestral traditions of the Landes and the old trades...

Open from June to September, the Musée des Landes d'Antan fascinates all generations.

One cannot speak of Lit-et-Mixe without mentioning its magnificent beach of Cap de L'Homy, a true paradise for fishermen and surfers.

In summer, don't miss the visits organized by the association "Les Pélicans Litois" whose members perpetuate the traditional fishing at Cap de l'Homy on board a pine boat called "pinasse".
During the Assumption, on August 15, the local parish priest blesses the "Anne-Marie" pinasse in front of a crowd gathered to celebrate this local tradition.

The young people of the coastal rescue association of Lit et Mixe offer to the ocean a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


The Nature queen...
Several bicycle paths allow you to reach Contis, the Cap-de-l'Homy as well as Saint-Girons-Plage or to cross the forest massif.

On foot, you can explore the trails of the "Cap" circuit between the forest and the ocean. By bike, follow the Vélodyssée on the coastal trail or ride the Vignac trail inland.

The Pigeon plain, north of the village, is a unique place to walk. The old pond of Lit et Mixe offers an exceptional biodiversity conservatory, classified as a Natura 2000 zone and managed by the ACCA of Lit et Mixe and by the Departmental Hunting Federation.
These wetlands are home to a multitude of rare species, including orchids as well as a protected plant of the iris family, adorned with pretty blue flowers in April, or the marsh stellaria, rare in the Landes massif.


Town hall of Lit-et-Mixe

Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville,

40170 Lit-et-Mixe

Tel : 05 58 42 83 10

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