The Castle of Captain Fracasse

The castle of Castillon is one of the most beautiful of the Landes department.

The castle consists of a main building flanked by high pavilions, the gate pavilion and the corner pavilions of the courtyard of honor, all treated in a simple half-boss architecture. The interiors have been modernized.

Typical of the Louis XIII period, Théophile Gautier, born in Tarbes in 1811, was a member of the owners' family and stayed there.
Impressed by the manor house, he used it as a setting for his most famous work "Capitaine Fracasse" whose first chapter entitled "Le château de la misère" (The Castle of Misery) begins in this way: "On the reverse side of one of these gaunt hills which hump the Landes, between Dax and Mont-de-Marsan, stood, during the reign of Louis XIII, one of these gentleman's cottages which are so common in Gascony, and which the villagers decorate with the name of a castle".

The castle has elegant dormer windows, roofs and facades, and French gardens designed by the landscape architect André.

The facades and roofs of the castle, with the exception of the modern pavilion built to the right of the main building, are listed as historical monuments by order of December 9, 1948.


Castle of Castillon,

345, Route de Morcenx

40110 Arengosse

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