The Naval Museum of Monaco, a true maritime encyclopedia

The Naval Museum of Monaco was founded in 1993 thanks to the passion of one man, Professor Claude Pallanca.


A little history...

Since his youth, Claude Pallanca dreamed of sailing and meticulously made models of ships.

Then, during his military service, he was posted on board the "Jeanne d'Arc" as a dental surgeon. He became friends with many sailors and naval officers and developed his passion for the sea and ships.

Over the years, he gathered and built up an extraordinary collection, which culminated in 1993, thanks to the help of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III of Monaco, the Monegasque Administration and the friendship of His Excellency Mr. Bernard Fautrier and Mr. Charles Ballerio, in the creation of the Naval Museum, a veritable maritime encyclopedia.


An exceptional collection
The Naval Museum of Monaco presents an exceptional collection of more than 250 models of ships, paintings and marine objects, from ancient times to the present day. This collection has been enriched by the loan of many old models from the magnificent personal collection of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

The collection, as a whole, includes more than 1,200 scale models, as well as hundreds of marine objects.

In addition, for some years now, Professor Pallanca has been enriching this unique collection with paintings illustrating his ships and aircraft from the Second World War.

He currently owns 550 of them.


An international museum

The main characteristic of the Naval Museum is that it is an international museum, dedicated to all navies, from ancient times to the present day. Among the most remarkable pieces, you can see a funerary boat found in an Egyptian tomb, ancient Greek and Roman ships, liners like the "Titanic" and the "France".

Also on display are models of training ships such as the "Amerigo Vespucci" and the "Belem", as well as numerous warships, from the "Jeanne d'Arc" to the battleship "Missouri", including impressive aircraft carriers such as the "Nimitz", which is more than 5 meters long, and numerous submarines of all nationalities.

Other curiosities, you will also discover a toad mine and a human torpedo the "Maiale" of the Second World War.



Naval Museum of Monaco

Terraces of Fontvieille
98000 Monaco

Tel: 377 92 05 28 48


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