The Casino of All Dreams

The Monte-Carlo Casino, in baroque style, is located in the Monte-Carlo district of Monaco.
In 1856, Prince Charles III of Monaco authorized the opening of a casino in his principality to generate financial resources.
The first Monegasque gambling hall then opened on the port of Monaco.
Charles III founded the Société des Bains de Mer, the SBM, in 1863 and entrusted its presidency to François Blanc, who founded the Hôtel de Paris in 1864 and inaugurated the first casino in July 1865.
The railroad would increase the number of visitors and the reputation of the Principality.
The SBM still owns the establishment.
It was in 1878 that Marie Blanc, widow of François Blanc, asked the architect Charles Garnier to build the Monte-Carlo Opera House and the new Casino sumptuously decorated with luxurious tapestries, paintings and Baroque decorations.
The management of the Casino will have experienced many vicissitudes, but the place is today one of the great tourist assets of the Principality.
The Casino's evenings are attended by jet-setters from all over the world.
And the very big moment is the Red Cross Ball with its international stars, chosen today by Prince Albert II.


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