The Little Museum of the Two Albert

In the heart of the main royal city of Gévaudan, in Marvejols, the Petit Musée Deux Albert is located in the old neo-gothic chapel of the hospital, a place rich in history.

This Museum proposes a History of the city of Marvejols, of the craft industry and the wool factories and a living Museum of the typographical Printing...


Visit of the Museum...

Daniel Castanier, the soul of this museum, proposes a documented journey in the discovery of the glorious and tragic history of the city and the presentation of a relief plan of the fortified city in the 17th century, realized from the compoix terrier, ancestor of the cadastre.

In the office of the manufactures, you will be immersed in the old registers of commissions, accounts, mails... allowing you to see the dynamism of all these great families and the richness of this wool activity which has radiated, with a mainly religious clientele, well beyond our borders.

The development of this industry owes a lot to the trade and the craft industry of the past centuries, also, a workshop will allow you to get acquainted with the work of the wool since the choice of the fleece, to the carding and the spinning with the spindle and the various spinning wheels.

Finally, your visit will allow you to discover a documentation on the history of Marvejols but also the reconstitution of a living printing workshop, created in the city in 1892, by Albert Guerrier, using mobile typefaces dear to Gutemberg.

You can also discover the main stages of the construction of the city of Marvejols since 1060, the development of Marvejols in the 14th century, the history of the reconstruction of the church.


The museum is open on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am and 5 pm and on Saturdays at 3 pm.

Photos are not allowed.



The Little Museum of the Two Albert

4, Rue Victor Cordesse,

48100 Marvejols

Tel :


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