The smallest museum in the world

We are familiar with the old telephone booths transformed into a library, but not yet with the public restrooms that are becoming a museum that can only accommodate one person at a time.

Labastide en Val is the easternmost of the bastides of the Aude, located at the end of the Val de Dagne in the Alsou valley at the foot of the Lacamp mountain.

Its territory is covered with a rich vineyard with excellent wine.

Property of the Abbey of Lagrasse in the 12th century, it later belonged to the Viscount of Carcassonne, then to various co-owners.

This special toilet is the second curiosity of the village after the old bridge classified as a historical monument.


Social distinction...

In the Aude, the village of Labastide-en-Val has indeed inaugurated a museum... in its toilets and it can remain open in the middle of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The toilets/museum are therefore installed in a small shed perched above the river that crosses the village of Labastide-en-Val, looking like these fashionable "tiny houses".

No more making yourself comfortable and lowering your pants in this hut while listening to the sound of flowing water.

It is a collective of inhabitants of the village which is at the origin of this renovation of the old toilets into a cultural place.

The first exhibition, visible at the beginning of 2021, gathers about fifteen photos of scenes of life in the village at the beginning of the 20th century.

It is a photographer who lived in Labastide who is the author and has left a beautiful collection of old photos and postcards. The pictures have been enlarged.

Obviously, transforming a toilet into a micro-museum is a subject of debate in the village, there are pros and cons of this unusual place of memory.

The museum, which can only accommodate one person at a time, benefits from its small size to remain open during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The social distancing is very easy to respect.


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