Pierre Richard, actor and winegrower

In 1986, Pierre Richard discovered the Domaine de l'Evêque, 50 hectares of scrubland and vines nestling between rocks and ponds on the Mediterranean coast. Immediately seduced by the authentic and wild site, he decided to restore the 20 hectare vineyard to create his wine, Château Bel Evêque AOC Corbières, Red, then Rosé.
Encouraged by this first very successful experiment - the first vintage 1989 won numerous praises and distinctions in competitions - he ventured towards the original conception of a vin de pays which he humorously named "Mon Rouge Pif", accompanied by its corollary "Mon Rosé Pif".
He became bolder and gave in to the desire to raise his range with a prestige cuvée that would be made in small quantities, with the most concentrated and aromatic grape varieties of the year. This is the Cuvée Cardinal du Château Bel Evêque.
Every year, Pierre Richard himself elaborates the blending of Château Bel Evêque according to the formula that makes his reputation, and then orientates his blending choices according to the particular properties of the vintage.
All these wines have in common a deep ruby colour, an assertive character, a beautiful, well-refined tannic structure, a complex and rich nose, notes of red fruits and spices.
The vintages, the ageing in wood, the volumes and the choice of blending produce all the nuances.


"Friends for life, friends for the wine".

It is with this simple caption that actor Pierre Richard published a photo in which he poses alongside Gérard Depardieu. Pierre Richard is sitting, smiling, wearing a shirt and a sleeveless jacket, arm in arm with Gérard Depardieu, slumped over him and serious.

Pierre Richard published the photo on social networks without indicating the occasion or the place where the photo was taken. The two men have been friends for many years after shooting "The Goat", "The Compères" or "The Fugitives" in the 80s.



Château Bel Evêque,
11430 Gruissan.
Tel. 04 68 75 00 48.
Motorway A9. Exit Narbonne-Est - Les Plages.
Direction Gruissan-Village. Route des Salins.



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