The glazed street ... very astonishing

They are the paradox of Carpentras: umbrellas where it never rains.

Above this small street, a canopy protects the passage from bad weather.

The passage Boyer also called "glass street" is typical of the covered shopping galleries of the mid-nineteenth century.

This covered passage, now restored, was built in 1848 by the unemployed of the National Workshops.

Jean Boyer, goldsmith and notable of the city acquired from Monsieur Lagarde, a group of houses that he had demolished.

On the freed-up land, in the heart of a lively neighborhood, a large-scale real estate operation made it possible to build a double row of buildings on either side of the passage.

It is accessed by two wide porches with vaulted edges.

Raised to easily connect the "petites Halles" and the market, the alignment of chic boutiques on the first floor of regularly ordered buildings contrasts with the stores sheltered under the medieval arcades of the rue des Halles.

On the first floor is a succession of small stores selling clothes, shoes and accessories.

A double row of regularly ordered and uncluttered buildings overlooks it.

It is located in the city center, a stone's throw from the market.

Worthy of the Italian Bologna, these halls are an obligatory point of passage in Carpentras.

There is a very good fishmonger, a market gardener, a tea room, a bakery and pastry shop, as well as an excellent bookshop.

In 2018, the Passage Boyer was adorned in its most beautiful finery.

About a hundred umbrellas painted by amateur or professional artists but also children of the CLAE are hung in the air under the glass street of Carpentras.

This exhibition was organized by the associations Art et Vie and Les papillons.


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