"The Daughter of Monaco" and Fabrice Luchini in the Principality of Monaco

La Fille de Monaco is a French comedy-drama directed by Anne Fontaine, released in 2008.

It was shot in the Principality, with Fabrice Lucchini staying at the Hôtel de Paris.


The plot

Bertrand, trial lawyer. Brilliant. Media savvy. Voluble. Cultured. Cerebral. Complicated. Not very very brave. Likes women, especially talking to them.

Newly arrived in Monaco to defend a murderer in her 70s.

I'm Christophe, the security agent in charge of Bertrand's protection. Straightforward. Straight. Taciturn. Sporty. Studies interrupted in the fifth grade. Likes women except for talking to them. Admires in others the culture and command of language that he lacks.

Audrey, weather presenter on a cable channel in Monaco. Ambitious. Bold. Sexy. Out of control. Has no intention of reciting the weather report for a long time.

Understands the meaning of some words, such as "limits", "taboos", and "scruples".

It would have been better if these three hadn't met .


Anecdotes and little secrets...

La Fille de Monaco marks the first cinematic experience of Louise Bourgoin, known for having dynamited the Météo du Grand Journal between 2006 and 2008.

The young woman recounts that it was thanks to Fabrice Luchini that she was able to get the role: "After noticing me on Canal Plus where I present the weather, Fabrice Luchini suggested my name to Anne Fontaine.

At first, she was a little hesitant to give me the role because I had no training or experience as an actress.

I told her that I knew how to lie very well! Then she was afraid that the character would be too outrageous for me.

So I showed her excerpts from a program for 11-17 year olds that I hosted a few years ago on the cable channel Filles TV: I was dressed in candy pink in a zebra and leopard setting where I spent my time calling out to viewers in a very catchy tone. She then told me that I was capable of playing the role... »

Actor Roschdy Zem, who plays a bodyguard in The Girl from Monaco, underwent intensive preparation for the role, working with one of the bodyguards at the Elysée Palace, who advised him on how to make the character as believable as possible.

La Fille de Monaco marks the professional reunion, more than twenty years later, of director Anne Fontaine and actor Fabrice Luchini. The former had indeed directed the latter on stage, in the play "Voyage au bout de la nuit", in 1985 and 1986.


The casting

Fabrice Luchini: Bertrand Beauvois

Roschdy Zem: Christophe Abadi

Louise Bourgoin: Audrey Varella

Stéphane Audran: Édith Lassalle

Jeanne Balibar: Hélène

Gilles Cohen: Louis Lassalle


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La Fille De Monaco - Roshdy Zem - Louise Bourgoin

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