Julie Delpy's film "Lolo" puts Biarritz on the screen

Julie Delpy's sixth feature film "Lolo" is a French comedy released in 2015 and shot between Paris and Biarritz.


The screenplay

Violette is a hysterical divorced Parisian woman from the fashion world who lives alone with her son Lolo, a budding contemporary painter with whom she has a fusional relationship.

Violette (Julie Delpy), a Parisian quadra works in fashion.

In a thalasso in Biarritz with her best friend, she meets Jean-René (Dany Boon), a modest computer scientist recently divorced.

After years of solitude, she is seduced. He joins her in the capital, trying to adapt to the Parisian microcosm in which she evolves.

But she was not counting on the presence of Lolo (Vincent Lacoste), Violette's beloved son, who would do anything to destroy the budding couple and keep his place as a favourite. But the idyll becomes more serious as she goes on holiday in the Basque Country.

When Jean-René moves in with Violette, the relationship between Jean-René and Lolo takes a more complicated turn. Jean-René is about to deliver his ultra-high frequency stock exchange transaction software to a major banking group which promises him an exceptional future.

Everything seems to be smiling to everyone, but a grain of sand is influencing the workings of the company...


The casting

Vincent Lacoste : Éloi "Lolo", son of Violette

Julie Delpy : Violette, mother of Lolo

Dany Boon : Jean-René Bravé, in love with Violette, Sabine's father

Karin Viard : Ariane, friend of Violette

Karl Lagerfeld

Frédéric Beigbeder


Little secrets of the shooting...

The idea for the film came to Julie Delpy during a joke with her co-screenwriter Eugénie Grandval about the relationship she would have in 10 years with her 6-year-old son.

Raw language!

The characters of Julie Delpy and Karin Viard have a language without taboo when they talk about sex. The first explains that this crudeness comes from her... Education: "I was raised with "Charlie Hebdo" and "Hara Kiri". When I was six years old, I was reading "The Big Disgusting Man", Reiser's comic book. It was a long way off, it was a little trashy, but smart, very funny and never completely vulgar. I love going far too, flirting with boundaries without being vulgar. That's my way of writing.

Karl Lagerfeld and Frédéric Beigbeder at the casting!

The famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld makes an appearance in his own role in this new film by Julie Delpy. And Frédéric Beigbeder plays a man giving Basque cooking lessons on television: "Frédéric Beigbeder, who can't cut a pepper, let alone cook, was delighted with this composition role. Friends who work at Chanel helped me convince Karl Lagerfeld. It was important for him to be in the film: Lagerfeld is the designer par excellence, he's an icon," recalls Julie Delpy.

Favourite scene

The scene that Vincent Lacoste preferred to play in the film is the one where he fights with umbrellas with Dany Boon in the living room: "We were hitting very hard - it must show on the screen. So much so that at the end of each take, despite the foam that vaguely surrounded the umbrellas, I would break his cast. "Just hit it a bit softer," Dany said to me. We'd scream. A real release and my first action scene. »


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