Campsite : 3 films by Fabien Onteniente on the screen and the Atlantic Coast as a showcase

The Camping saga is a big popular success. For the moment, there are three "episodes"...

Camping realized by Fabien Onteniente, released in 2006.

Camping 2 directed by Fabien Onteniente, released in 2010.

Camping 3 directed by Fabien Onteniente, released in 2016.


The story...

Michel Saint-Josse, a plastic surgeon in Paris, leaves to spend his holidays in a palace in Marbella with his daughter Vanessa.

They leave aboard his Aston Martin, similar to the James Bond Aston Martin, which he bought at an auction in London.

In August, several families meet at the Flots Bleus campsite in Pyla-sur-Mer, near Arcachon on the Atlantic coast. Barbecues, flip-flops, pastis, volleyball and pétanque matches are part of the campers' luggage. The desire to escape to the local discotheque is urgent.

Once again, this reunion could have been pleasant if this year hadn't been full of unexpected events...


Shooting locations


- Arcachon

- Arès (camping La Canadienne)

- Pyla-sur-Mer Camping Les Flots Bleus (camping de la Dune)

The Camping de la Dune benefited from the "Camping" effect of the film, tripling its turnover from 2004 to 2008, selling products derived from the film T-shirts, bags ... and attracting a parade of tourists who take souvenir photos of the entrance portico which has kept the name of the "Flots Bleus".

The point of view of Jacky Pic's pitch 17 is turned in the parking lot of the Petit Nice beach located south of the dune du Pilat. The ping-pong and duck racing scenes are filmed at the La Canadienne campsite in Arès.

- La Teste de Buch


- Biscarrosse


The casting and its filming secrets...

The actors: Gérard Lanvin, Mathilde Seigner, Franck Dubosc, Claude Brasseur,

Mylène Demongeot, Antoine Dulery ...

The role of Jacky Pic was originally written for Jacques Villeret .

Claude Brasseur said he played the role with him in mind and asked the team to dedicate the film to the memory of the deceased actor.

Gérard Lanvin was initially scheduled to take over the role he played in Camping, but due to some disagreements with the production and some of the actors, he finally did not take part in the Camping 2 project. It is Richard Anconina who takes over the role left vacant by Gérard Lanvin.

The idea of Camping is partly the initiative of Franck Dubosc, whose first major role on the big screen, has behind him a great deal of experience in this practice, he who camped until the age of ... 36 years old!

Fabien Onteniente hopes to shoot Camping "4".



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