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Gazon maudit is a French film directed by Josiane Balasko, released in 1995.

This film was nominated five times at the 21st César ceremony, in the categories best film, best actor, for Alain Chabat, best original screenplay or adaptation, which he won, best supporting actor, for Ticky Holgado and best producer.

He was also nominated in the United States, under the title "French Twist", at the 53rd Golden Globes ceremony, for best foreign film but was finally beaten by another French film, "Les Misérables" by Claude Lelouch.


The screenplay

Laurent, fickle husband and Loli form a happy couple who live bourgeoisly in a small town in the South.

But one day Marie-Jo breaks down with her minibus, right in front of their house. Laurent and Marie-Jo have only one thing in common: they both love women.

It is during an evening at a restaurant that Laurent realizes this when, while picking up his pack of cigarettes, he sees Marie-Jo caressing Loli's leg which will drive him crazy with jealousy and lead him to cut short the evening at the restaurant and to want to fight with Marie-Jo.

Still in shock at having learned that Loli loved Marie-Jo, Laurent refuses to let Loli join him in the marriage bed and she will have no choice but to seek comfort from Marie-Jo.

The next day, Laurent tries to reconcile with Loli, but Loli does not forgive him for his reaction the night before at the restaurant and at home.

During a bicycle ride with his colleague and friend Antoine, Laurent tells him the cause of his grief, namely that his wife loves Marie-Jo. He tries to drown his grief in alcohol, which will lead him to do many stupid things on the way home.

Antoine, wanting to make things right, goes to see Loli to talk to her and convince her that Laurent is sorry for the situation, but he unintentionally makes the mistake of telling her that Laurent is cheating on her with other women, which will drive Loli out of her mind with rage and grief.

In retaliation, she asks Marie-Jo to move in. The cohabitation will prove to be difficult between Marie-Jo and Laurent, the electric atmosphere although Laurent and Marie-Jo have one thing in common, their love for Loli.


The Casting

Victoria Shelter: Loli

Josiane Balasko: Marie-Jo

Alain Chabat: Laurent Lafaye

Ticky Holgado: Antoine

Catherine Hiegel: Dany


The filming locations:



Avignon (Rue Prevot, Rue du Clos Saint-Didier)


Apt (Auberge de Saint-Crépin - Café Grégoire)

Oppède-le-Vieux (Chemin du Courroussouve, route des carrières)


Le Roux (Tunnel du Roux)


Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (Tour Philippe-le-Bel)


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Gazon Maudit

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GAZON MAUDIT Affiche de film - 120x160 cm. - 1995 - Victoria Abril, Josiane Balasko

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