L'Espace Georges Brassens

Since 2006, the date of the last extension, the Museum's surface area has been increased to 800m2 for the great pleasure of the visitor, who is invited to a one-to-one meeting for more than an hour with Georges Brassens himself, who, by making his confidences, establishes a privileged relationship with his public.

The scenography takes this diversity into account and offers a chronological tour of the 10 themed rooms with their specific atmosphere.

The use of new technologies (audio and video) contributes to placing the visitor in total immersion in the world of Georges Brassens.

Thus, little by little, the visitor penetrates into the artist's intimacy, his life and his work.

From this fascinating and unprecedented encounter is born an intense emotion.

The architectural design of the Documentation Centre with its panoramic opening onto the Thau Lagoon gives it a gentle atmosphere conducive to research and well-being where everyone can immerse themselves in the world of Brassens or simply dream.

Since its creation, the Espace Georges Brassens has endeavoured to create an important documentary collection with the aim of perpetuating the memory, developing sharing with the public and making it available to as many people as possible.

More than 8,000 documents relating to Georges Brassens are available for consultation: manuscripts, song drafts, scores, press articles, books, and photos from both the public and private spheres.

A very pleasant way to prepare your visit but also to prolong it.

All the documents are freely available for consultation at the Espace and computers dedicated to the public equip this quiet place whose transparent architecture is open to the Etang de Thau.



Georges Brassens was born in Sète on 22 October 1921.

A carefree time in a city "surrounded by water and sunshine everywhere".

But the music is there, present.

"My childhood was a real permanent celebration of songs. Since I have existed on earth, I don't remember a day without music, without song. »



The ascent to Paris in 1940, the departure to Basdorf and the return to Paris in 1944 make up the 3 parts of a founding period for Georges Brassens.

It corresponds to an intense poetic and musical production where unfailing friendships were to be formed. The Poet is in the making, the Legend is on the march.


Espace Georges Brassens

67 Camille Blkanc Boulevard

34200 Sète

Phone : 04 99 04 76 26



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