Cathar Mustard

There are still a handful of artisan mustard makers in France.

The last mustard maker in Castelnaudary closed its doors in 1925.

Ghislain Durand took over with an entirely local recipe: mustard seeds grown in the Aude, red wine from the vineyards of the Vendéole, old Occitan wine vinegar, Gruissan salt, and simply water.

His project is to revive a local, artisanal production of quality mustard.

The grinding is carried out with a millstone for a surprising result: a powerful but not aggressive condiment, a mustard removed but raised, not irritated.

Moreover, the mustard maker has voluntarily decided to apply a quite reasonable price.


A daily product, entirely local and artisanal

Ghislain Durand, a former cook who worked with Paul Bocuse, was forced to reinvent his mustard.

No archives of former mustard producers have been found.

Cathar Mustard is therefore an exclusive recipe prepared by Ghislain Durand .

A few renowned restaurateurs and a few shops distribute Castelnaudary mustard, the adventure has only just begun.


A bit of history...

Mustard has been known since ancient times. Three thousand years ago, the Chinese already cultivated several species of mustard and Egyptologists discovered mustard seeds deposited as offerings in tombs and mastabas.

Athens and Rome appreciated the medical and culinary use of mustard. The Greeks and Romans called it "sinapi", which is found in the French word sinapisme, a poultice made from mustard flour.

Theophrastus cultivated it in his garden and Aristotle advised to plunge geese, ducks, thrushes and quails into it to enhance its taste.

And the famous Apicius and his treatise "De re coqninaria" reveals that the Romans knew mustard in its present form.


Cathar mustard
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