The Museum of the Inquisition, Museum of Torture

The medieval city of Carcassonne does not only offer its ramparts, its castle, its picturesque streets as curiosities to the visitors.
It also offers a Museum of the Inquisition, Museum of Torture located inside a large 17th century building, completely restored.
To make sensitive souls tremble...
This Museum presents the Inquisition, its history and the instruments of torture in use from the 12th century until the Revolution.

All this is staged in a very realistic way thanks to the presence of mannequins and a journey illustrated with true and terrifying stories.
On the menu of the visit, guillotine, nail chair, pillory, iron cage, torture room, prisoner's cell...
You will also find the history of the main Cathar Castles, part of the history of the Inquisition and the riches of our region.

Explanations, descriptions on panels, translated into French, English, Spanish, Italian and German are complemented by videos.

The visit continues at the place called "Vachots et Châtiments" with descriptive scenes of the Inquisition, to define the terrible journey that the Heretics underwent, from the Trial to the Burning at the stake.

This Museum is not against religion, on the contrary, it denounces the Intolerance and Fanaticism that reigned at that time and unfortunately still reigns today in many countries.

A visit, nevertheless, not recommended for the youngest and most sensitive souls...


A guestbook is at your disposal at the end of the Museum.


Museum of the Inquisition

7 rue Saint Jean
The City
BP 1086
11000 Carcassonne.
Tél. : 06 03 84 13 86


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